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STEVE TIVEY - Landscape Photographer

Steveís background in photography really began in the 60ís during his time at Sheffield College of Art, taking a printing and graphics course which included photography. After several years in the printing industry he changed direction and followed a career that embraced his main pastimes at that period (walking, climbing and natural history) and became a countryside manager. For more than thirty years he has worked in local government for several authorities.

During the course of this period Steve has managed to blend his photographic skills with his career. Over the years he has learned to see the landscape in terms of colour, texture, shape and form and, perhaps most importantly, light. He knows that it is only with the right (magic) light that a landscape comes to life transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, the everyday into the experience of a lifetime.

Steve has exhibited widely in his local area of Sheffield and his prints of the Peak District and South Yorkshire are much sought after.